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Dog Walker

Success Stories

In the first two years, our little fund has helped 274 pets and spent a total of $134,000 dollars in vet bills.



This is Pepe. Pepe is a super dooper sweet guy who is just about to turn 2 years old. Pepe’s owners have fallen on very hard times and recently lost their home. Now Pepe is very, very sick. His owners contacted me this evening begging for help as he is too weak to even stand and walk. They couldn’t afford to help him, but couldn’t see and to watch their beloved family member die.  Pepe is on his way to Blue Pearl right now.. we don’t know what’s wrong and we don’t know if we can save him, but we are sure going to try. PLEASE consider helping us fund for this emergency. This beautiful boy doesn’t deserve to die. 

This was the post that stated it all.

This was the dog who spurred my conversation with Lantz that day as I mulled over how we could help. Lantz asked, “why can’t we just pay his bills? His family clearly loves him”. I explained that our rescue couldn’t just pay vet bills for owned dogs that needed help because we would quickly go broke and we had rescue dogs to take care of. He said “mom, you have to help. If they’re good owners, they shouldn’t lose a dog they love just because they don’t have the money right now”.

We helped Pepe. Pepe lived and went home to his family. Little did I know, we would lose Lantz just 7 weeks later, and this fund would be born

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