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Success Stories



This is Pepe. Pepe is a super dooper sweet guy who is just about to turn 2 years old. Pepe’s owners have fallen on very hard times and recently lost their home. Now Pepe is very, very sick. His owners contacted me this evening begging for help as he is too weak to even stand and walk. They couldn’t afford to help him, but couldn’t see and to watch their beloved family member die.  Pepe is on his way to Blue Pearl right now.. we don’t know what’s wrong and we don’t know if we can save him, but we are sure going to try. PLEASE consider helping us fund for this emergency. This beautiful boy doesn’t deserve to die. 

This was the post that stated it all.

This was the dog who spurred my conversation with Lantz that day as I mulled over how we could help. Lantz asked, “why can’t we just pay his bills? His family clearly loves him”. I explained that our rescue couldn’t just pay vet bills for owned dogs that needed help because we would quickly go broke and we had rescue dogs to take care of. He said “mom, you have to help. If they’re good owners, they shouldn’t lose a dog they love just because they don’t have the money right now”.

We helped Pepe. Pepe lived and went home to his family. Little did I know, we would lose Lantz just 7 weeks later, and this fund would be born


This is Buddy, can you even believe how cute he is?!

Buddy has a problem that he’s a little embarrassed about, and he needed help right away. Buddy has a boygienage of anus, or a rectal stricture. What this means is that he can’t poo like a normal puppy. The opening is far too small and he struggles, and can become a life threatening situation.

The only way to fix Buddy and to ensure that he has a normal life is surgery. He had his first surgery at just 4 weeks old, which his mom is still paying off the $2800 balance. He had to have another surgery this week, and we were happy to be able to help with that.

His momma messaged me last night in tears, Buddy had pooped for the first time without pain and crying, and she was so happy.



Can you imagine the horror of having your new puppy in your yard, and out of nowhere, a dog comes and grabs your puppy and begins to attack him? Hence is what Gunner’s horrified mom had to witness.

“Our six week old puppy was attacked yesterday. We sat him down on the grass after coming back from PetCo and out of nowhere this man running and his dog off leash jumped on our dog and by the time everything was said and done. The man and dog were down the road and our pup had to be rushed to Blue Pearl. We live in downtown OP and already requested camera footage from our loft, but now we have to pay over 1500 for an inoculation aka eye removal. My question is does anyone know a vet that does not charge an arm and a leg. Money is not usually an issue, but with Covid, layoffs and just getting back to work full time, things are tight.”

This baby didn’t deserve this, and now will lose his eye. We were happy to help with his surgery and he will have a normal, happy life!


Nugget gave his family quite a scare with a true life or death emergency.

Nugget was outside playing with his aunties kiddos and somehow, cut his leg. It was a serious cut and the owners tried everything to get the bleeding to stop. They called so many vets begging for help, but it was past closing time and they didn’t have the funds for an emergency vet. After the bleeding was uncontrolled for several hours, the owners took Nugget to the ER vet in desperation to save their furry family member.

Mission Med Vet is treating Nugget, but he will need to stay overnight as his life hangs in the balance. A $600 down payment was required for treatment to start and the owners, unable to pay that, reached out to us, desperate for help. We paid Nugget's $1000+ bill and he returned home to his family the next day. He would have died without emergency care.



Poor Baby! We have already donated $500 for another, previous hospital visit, but he is in need again. “I wish this was a happy post but my worst fear is coming true. After being hospitalized on January 11th for a urinary blockage my cat Baby had to be transported to the ER with another blockage. I put down a 600 deposit and the remainder was due at pickup (I ended up paying 939 total. At pickup he was transported to our regular vet to continue to be monitored. I just received an estimate for his current care at the regular vet. I unfortunately am a single mother who solely provides for my 2 children. His last treatment was in the 1100 range almost all of which I was able to get through donations and I am incredibly thankful for that. I am asking for help with his costs he will need at our regular vet. Funds will be able to be sent directly to their office. Or to me whichever you are more comfortable with.

This cat is not just a cat, he's family & he is our best friend. I cannot fathom having to euthanize him over this. The ER vet suggested it and I honestly broke down. I really truly need help in saving this boy's life. We have been following everything we were supposed to (special diet, medications, etc.) I just don't understand why this is happening again. He's 3 years old and he deserves a long, healthy life. We were able to help Baby who is home with his family and doing well!


Sparrow's mom took her for a stroll in the park yesterday, having no idea that her decision would have tragic consequences. "My dog was attacked at the park while I was walking her on the paths and the dog took off but no owner was in sight and she is my best friend in the world has gotten me thro break up and having my babies and just living my life when my depression or anxiety got the best of me. She is the best dog in the whole world I didn’t know how I would make into when it was her time but I can’t afford to take her to the vet and I feel horrible that I am not able to give her as much as she has given me in my life. I didn’t get granted for care credit couple weeks ago when my other dog got an abscess on his face.


I paid couple hundred dollars. I’m a single mom of two kids and when I was looking for vets last time no one would get him in without money down. She needs a Vet tonight or early tomrw at the least but I unfortunately can’t qualify for another credit card and my car was repoed a couple months back. This year has been so hard on me and my family. And I can’t lose my baby too. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can go w no money down and no credit cards? Any place who may do payment plans? 


And I couldn’t get in the pic the whole gash under her ear looks like it’s ripped she doesn’t want me to touch it but I pulled it back and I bet she needs stitches."

Sparrow is at the vet today and has to be sedated to have the multiple wounds cleaned. Sparrow's momma is a single mom who feels like she's swimming upstream with one battle after another. She just needs a hand up and we have pledged to help as much as we can. The cost of her surgery is $1500



Imagine having to choose between paying for medical expenses for your child or for your beloved dog. What a gut wrenching decision for any parent. Oakley's owner finds himself in that very situation and he's desperate for help. His sweet boy, Oakley is needing a surgery that is $2500-3000, which is beyond his means as a single dad. Please read Oakley's story, his story is something special, and donate if you can help him. Every single penny donated in his name will be paid directly to his vet for his surgery. Donations to our fund are 100% tax deductible!


"I am a single father to a 7 year old human little boy and Oakley is our 4 year old German Shepherd who has quite literally saved my life during some very dark times, as well as being my son's biggest and best friend. A couple months ago, Oakley was running in the yard routinely and hurt his rear leg in a hole on what was a normal day. I took him to the vet and extinguished the funds I had available after he started to show signs of an injury, the vets say it’s an ACL tear to be more specific…​

Financially my son has some medical needs/bills that I am just scraping by with and I am faced with some unfortunate choices to get our dog the care he needs …or to surrender him to get his leg the surgery he needs because I cannot afford it with my sons bills… This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do is reach out because I am not that type of person, but I am asking for any and all financial assistance or help to help keep our family pet in our home and back on 4 legs." Oakley's dad is the picture of why we do what we do every day with this fund. 

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